May 30, 2003

bottom, or b


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May 29, 2003

strange, or s


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May 28, 2003

charm, or c


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May 27, 2003

down, or d


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May 26, 2003

up, or u

Art or Crap.

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May 23, 2003

dear google, i like you. do you like me? check yes or no.

doot doo doo doooooo doot doot wahhhh.

finally, my aim profile may come true., your one and only source for doot doo doo doooooo doot doot wahhhh. just as soon as google indexes it.

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May 22, 2003

web exercises to keep that webmaster/pimp hand strong

Flex your brain, try to do something as cool as Bodytag.

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May 21, 2003

toilet art

Next time you're dropping the kids off at the pool and you're near the end of the roll, why not give a shot at making art out of garbage? Toilet paper rolls, solely the art domain of little children no longer. (That quetzal is scary.)

If you're not near the end of the roll you may want to try origami.

If you're rocking the 802.11x, why not visit The Poop Report while you're doing your business?

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May 20, 2003

they're the new 88x31

The hottest new thing is buttons is these cute 80x15 thingers. They're spreading like wildfire hotcakes on crack. They originated at antipixel (way back in October of 2002! Wow!). Enterprising young persons can now generate them dynamically (very smart) or make some and freeze them for use later.

The artsy types prefer a larger canvas, and have moved to 200x40. Some of those buttons are wicked cool, though.

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May 19, 2003

oh slipslop

If you live near NYC (say, within 5,000 miles), then I highly recommend you haul your ass to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater for hilarious sketch and improv comedy. On Sundays they have a show called Asssscat 3000 that is totally improv-licious. It always features members of the Upright Citizens Brigade, and it usually has guests fron SNL and Second City. I saw the 9:30PM show yesterday and three of the 4 members of UCB were there. (Matt Besser was off, most likely working on his new show.) I highly recommend it, if you have the means. It is so choice. Also, free stickers.

In other comedy news, Run Ronnie Run is finally coming to DVD, September 16th, 2003. From the guys who brought you Mr. Show, I've heard people call RRR a cult-hit, but really its cultish of the highest order: never released in theaters, the only way you can see it is if a friend of a friend of a friend gives you a beat-up VHS copy, or you find it online. I'm a big Mr. Show fan, and even I haven't gone through the trouble of tracking it down. Part of the reason is a lot of hardcore fans have said it wasn't really that good. Still, I'll be buying it, if only to support Bob and David.

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